wheres the scholars of the salafi publication

Discussion in 'Islam in General' started by abu~Adil as somali, Jul 27, 2009.

  1. abu~Adil as somali

    abu~Adil as somali New Member






  2. justabro

    justabro Salafi (Retd.)

    the lineup is a who's who of real scumbags
  3. sword_of_islam

    sword_of_islam New Member

    what religion is the conference about, fahadism or abdulahism
  4. Hajjaj

    Hajjaj Active Member

    I am pretty sure that if they had enough lamb and rice they could get Sudais to roll through.
  5. Scented Blood

    Scented Blood Abu Peanut

    Looks like Green lane aint gona be the only ones needing new carpet...
  6. Ibn

    Ibn New Member

    i dont get it. both are sell out events run by talafis
  7. abu~Adil as somali

    abu~Adil as somali New Member

    the problem with greenlane over the last few years been the celebraty feel about the place when it comes to confernaces

    spot lights shine from every corner,computer projected images on the wall, 4 or 5 different cameras filming, the high stage, the person sat nxt to the speaker passing him little paper with the time he has left, 5minutes,4,minutes,3 minutes,2minutes,1minutes, cut him off, off..now go..sometimes the speaker is only getting warmup then he has to go..its like the ramadan time, for the tahajuud, you hv to bring your pasport,id,and whtnot..

    i rekon it all started when the young took over the they pushed the elders aside, and took over the office, and now they bring people we dont know, like that kuwati "shiek" few weeks ago, everyone was wondering who the hell is he, and the talk was the realty of sufi'sm,and their harm, and when one brother stood up and asked him about the presence of americans in he's land, he said he wasnt going to answer it, or that was not why he was there..

    wrong answer...he's credibility was totaly lost..

    for the brother's in greenlane, the new management, you dont have to go all hollywood on the masjid, it used to be alot better without all the fancy stuff,it felt real. when shiek falaah used to come to salafi masjid across the road, he used to starts about 6pm and finish about 2am, those whos working leave and those who aint stay, no time restrications, no powerful lights, and no do this and do that...

    if it aint broken dont fix it..
  8. Awakened

    Awakened New Member

    abu adil your chatting it, if you think good presentation is somehow a hollywood method which should be frowned upon then your lost. In todays times the people need to be attracted and kept interested in events.

    I cant speak specifically about the managment of green lane but this method has been adopted by many masjids and dawah groups, its all about upping the game and adapting to reality.
  9. abu~Adil as somali

    abu~Adil as somali New Member

    brother awakenend...when i go to a confernce i dont want wires everywhere,lighting shining from every direction, or 1 hour talks, i simply want to sit in from of a shiek (not a 20somthing) whos going to talk as long as he wants, and go from the subject in hand to another and back, not bound by time or someone passin him a little paper everytime, not bothered about the xbox360 crowd, who in your opinion wont be griped by the talk unless you have fancy fireworks and fancy graphics on the wall...you the one whos chatting my brother, and just because alot of groups and dawah people are doing doesnt mean everyone else follows suit..and why do you have to have 10 speakers in one day, they travelling from distnaces and your paying them good money for one hour, what can i learn in one hour from a speaker....trust me brother, alot of the brothers have stopped going to that masjid and going to more simpler masjid localy because of the this glamorisation of events....
  10. Al-Hanbali

    Al-Hanbali <A HREF="showthread.php?t=70991"></A>

    I agree with this
  11. UKMuslim

    UKMuslim New Member

    I disagree with many of your points brother and feel you are being unjust:-

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  12. أبو نافع

    أبو نافع Formerly - Abu_Abdallah

    Insha'Alah I'll be there, this weekend. Who will come?
  13. abu~Adil as somali

    abu~Adil as somali New Member

    the speakers have become robots, the sets to outlandish, the speech is rehearsed , where is the real feeling of authenticity and realness brother, I was at one talk when one speaker read the whole lecture in 45minutes and still had 15minutes to go..He was stuck...didn’t know what to do or to say...what is going on

    But khair insha~Allah..We are becoming more professionals, and we are moving on with the times..The intention is in the right place..but the brain is trying to hard...
  14. Die for Allah

    Die for Allah TIOCFAIDH AR LA

    This unknown guy really exposed green lane masjid a few weeks back.To state that legislating secular laws is not kufr was a disgrace.

    I'm glad he exposed himself though as many regulars at green lane have become doubtful of the so called salafi dawa now.

    Many brothers are now moving away from the talafism at geenlane alhamdulillah.
  15. sword_of_islam

    sword_of_islam New Member

    true say brother, people are waking up slowly though there alot of zombies there still, but the hardcore ones are still upon talafiya and the blind following of the bin baz, sh utaymeen ra, sh albani ra,

    the worst thing is i know most of the medina graduates from the talafis i know alot of them who have just returned and they all believe that ruling by other then the law of Allah does not make a person kafir so green lane is well placed to carry on promoting this deviant set of beliefs for many years to come, but to be honest all the young kids i have spoken to from bury madrasa also believe that labelling the rulers kaffir is from the way of the khariji, all praise to Allah for allowing the likes of Sh Feiz, Sh Faisal, Imam Anwar be here for us for us not arab speaking brothers
  16. UKMuslim

    UKMuslim New Member

    It's strange that on one hand you are waging this one man internet war on Green Lane Masjid yet on the other hand you still attend Green Lane.

    If you hate it that much why go there?
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  17. abu~Adil as somali

    abu~Adil as somali New Member

    if you hate it that much why go there = if you dont like this country why dont you f***off,,,,such a weak statement brother...

    why dont you take the concerns that was raised here to the brothers in the management instead....you defending the masjid like things have got better in the last few years...when alot of people are saying it has got worse...now you guys could bury your heads in the sand and pretned everything has been okey or you could realy try listening to what the people who attend the masjid are saying....
  18. Die for Allah

    Die for Allah TIOCFAIDH AR LA

    Its not the masjid itself that I don't like its the baatil talafism that is being promoted there.To speak against talafism and to try to deter brothers from falling into the dark pit of talafism is a worthy cause if you ask me.

    Now my brother UKMuslim, I would suggest that you actually look into the issues in which myself and the other brothers here disagree with talafism.See what the scholars of the past have said about issues such as replacing the sharia,and legislating man made laws that contradict the laws of Allah.

    May Allah guide us all to the truth Aaammeen
  19. UKMuslim

    UKMuslim New Member

    Please don't try and twist my words in to something I didn't say.

    You and your fellow cronies are the ones with the problem with Green Lane so it's YOU that should be giving them naseeha and advising them in person instead of asking me to take your concerns to them.

    Jazakallah Khair for the advice but If I see any issues with anything that happens at Green Lane I will advise the brothers in person instead of taking your 'QUICK....TO THE INTERNET' approach!
  20. Die for Allah

    Die for Allah TIOCFAIDH AR LA

    Why are you avoiding the issue, you say if you see anything at greenlane,I have pointed out things that have happened.Have you looked into these matters? Have you advised them in person?

    Secondly, I was not on this forum constantly talking about Greenlane as you have tried to imply, it is only when some people decided to come here and promote greenlane and sudais etc that I felt the need to speak out.

    Thirdly,Dont jump to false conclusions about me, you have no idea what Ive said to the greenlaners in person, don't try and portray me as someone who only types on internet forms without speaking to the people in question in person.I can assure you I have spoken in no uncertain terms openly within greenlane masjid to people and have made my feelings known.In fact all praise is for Allah and I take no credit for it but just to announce Allah's favour, some brothers at greenlane have begun to move away from talafism through my dawa Alhamdulillah.

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