Who is Abdul Hadi Palazzi?

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    By Anonymous on Friday, September 08, 2000 - 03:48 pm: Edit

    By Anonymous on Tuesday, August 22, 2000 - 03:42 pm:

    as-salaam alaikum wa rahmatuallah,

    I recently received a request from one of our brothers to
    provide some
    information on someone called Abdul Hadi Palazzi and the
    organisations he fronts. Amongst them, are the Italian
    Muslim Association,
    Italian Islamic Community, Italian Islamic Institute, and
    the Islam-Israel

    Palazzi is hardly someone who justifies any comment, so I
    decided to allow
    Palazzi to speak for himself and let the readers judge for
    whether he is calling to zionism or whether he is calling to
    Islam. What
    follows is a small collection of quotes from Palazzi on such
    issues as
    Israeli sovereignty over Muslims, the Russian genocide of
    Chechen Muslims,
    the "virtues" of preachers of anti-Islamic hate, and his
    belief that the
    intifada was a fitnah and its participants were sinners. As
    the saying
    goes, "if it walks like a Jew, talks like a Jew, then it is
    a ... "

    1. Opposing Zionist oppression of Muslims is "unislamic"
    "Using Islam as a basis for preventing Arabs from
    recognizing any sovereign
    right of Jews over the Land of Israel is new. Such beliefs
    are not found in
    classical Islamic sources. Concluding
    that anti-Zionism is the logical outgrowth of Islamic faith
    is wrong. This
    conclusion represents the false transformation of Islam from
    a religion into
    a secularized ideology."

    2. There is no basis for Muslims not accept Jewish
    "Therefore, from an Islamic point of view, there is NO
    fundamental reason
    which prohibits Muslims from recognizing Israel as a
    friendly State."

    3. Palazzi admits he is a "good friend of Israel"
    "I consider myself a good friend of Israel and am trying my
    best to help
    Moslems free themselves from anti-Zionism and to develop a
    positive attitude
    toward Jews in general and towards Israelis in particular."

    4. There is no such thing as a "Palestinian"
    "I believe that "Palestinian identity" is something
    completely artificial:
    it was forged as a propagandistic tool against Israel. The
    strange fact is
    that, at least here in Europe, I have never heard an Arab
    from the Land of
    Israel ("Palestine") say: "I am Palestinian.""

    5. Pallazi makes du'a for God to protect Israel
    "A Palestinian State will be a disaster for both Israelis
    and Arabs. The
    Israelis will lose their security and the Arabs will lose
    their freedom of
    speech under a criminal government. Since I love Israel, I
    ask God
    to protect it, and to help its leaders to understand that
    the only way to
    survive is to declare the Oslo Agreement null and void."

    2. The Mujahideen fighting to defend Islam and the Muslims
    are "godless
    soldiers of Shaytan"
    "The late Shamil Basaiev was undoubtedly a godless criminal,
    but there are
    other people who are even more responsible than he was for
    what is
    happening to the martyr people of Chechnya.

    The army of Shaytan lead by Basaiev and Khattab was mostly
    formed by
    non-Chechen Wahhabi mercenaries. They entered Chechnya from
    and started persecuting Sunni Ulema and Sufi Shaykhs there.
    They simply
    repeated in Chechnya the crimes committed by Abul-Aziz's
    thugs in Arabia
    some centuries ago. Afterwards, they used Chechnya as a base
    to launch
    terrorist attacks against the Muslims of Dagestan, within
    the Russian

    Letter dated 24/5/00

    3. Pallazzi made a pilgramage to Auschwitz with WD Muhammad
    on May 18-20,

    4. Palazzi praises the munafiq traitor Ahmad Kadyrov
    During the last years, Shaykh Kadirov fought with ikhlas to
    protect Muslims
    of Chechnya from the Wahhabi fitnah, and to save his people
    from wolves
    under the garment of sheep; as a consequence of his
    noteworthy and
    uncompromising fatawah in defense of the Sunni 'aqidah, the
    Wahhabi thugs
    repeatedly tried to kill him, but Allah Ta'ala protected him
    for their
    savage plots. Since the gangsters lead by Basayev and
    Khattab were not able
    to capture him, those criminals took revenge by killing many
    of his pure
    students and some of his innocent relatives. Those brothers
    of ours - may
    Allah reward them with al-Firdaws - are added to
    the list of Believers who received martyrdom by the hand of
    the Wahhabis

    5. Palazzi claims there is no jihad in chechnya
    "Because of lack of reliable information, some Muslims are
    supposing that
    the Chechen people are involved in "jihad" against Russia.
    The reality is
    quite different: all the area of Muslim
    former-Soviet Republics has become a central point in the
    project of Wahhabi
    expansion. Because of the inner weakness of most of those
    countries, some
    Wahhabi terrorists are trying to conquer
    them by force, and to install there a Khawarij, Taliban-like
    Those people are, as always, trying to extinguish Allah's
    light, and to
    export Wahhabism in countries where it never existed
    before. "

    6. The intifada was nothing but "fitnah" and those who
    participated are
    "According to Islamic law, the so-called Intifadah against
    Israel was
    nothing but "fitnah" (sedition), and those involved in
    fitnah are sinners"

    7. Israel is 'dar al-islah'
    "Today, Eretz Yisrael is "Dar al-islah" (Realm of
    Prosperity), and Muslims
    living there have to options: islah or hijrah."


    8. Palazzi defends Emerson and Pipes, but attacks the
    "According to the con artists at CAIR, anyone who denounces
    radicalism is
    "Islamophobic". CAIR cares to attack Mr. Emerson and Dr.

    9. Pallazi claims Hamas is a criminal organisation
    "I will NOT waver in stating that Hamas is a CRIMINAL
    according to both international law and Islamic law. "

    10. "There is nothing in Jewish worship that can be
    offensive for Muslims.."

    11. Pallazi claims that Israel is sanctioned by the shariah
    and anyone who
    opposes it is a Wahabi criminal antisemite

    12. More du'a for Israel
    "On the contrary - Dear Mr. Hartuv - I hope God will save
    Israel from being
    weak in defense and surrounded by her armed enemies. I am
    glad to learn that
    not all Knesset members agree with your magnification of
    Oslo and the risks
    it implies."

    13. More Palazzi support of Israel..
    "In Israel things seem to be more or less the same:
    Palestinian National
    Authority gangsters are destroying the Temple Mount (Haram
    al-Sharif) and
    throwing precious archeological relics into a garbage dump
    and no one stops
    them. Arab Knesset members say that "Israel must be
    destroyed" and no one
    shuts them up... What is the only dangerous behavior, what
    is the only
    terrible crime to be immediately prevented? National
    opposition, its radio
    and its information services!" Concluding his letter, Shaykh
    Palazzi adds:
    "I want to express my sincere solidarity with the residents
    of Bet El and
    with all the staff members of Arutz 7 (Radio Free Israel) in
    these trying
    times. May you go from strength to strength and may your
    spirit never be
    broken. Salam/Shalom from Rome, Shaykh Prof. Abdul Hadi

    14. Palazzi claims that the only houses demolished by Israel
    were either
    built illegally or owned by terrorists
    "As for the reasons, a demolition order can be issued:

    1.When the house has been illegally built.

    2.When its owner has been involved in acts of
    terrorism. "


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    Besides these, there are other things I notice about Palazzi. As someone who has done research on him, I can say that he is quite popular among Zionist/Neocon/Christian Missionary circles for his stance against the Muslims. These circles quote frequently from his works, and those of the apostates, as part of their campaign against Islam.

    He is a deviant Sufi who touts the lie of "Wahhabism", supports the Kuffar oppressing Muslims in Chechnya and elsewhere, unquestionably backs every action taken by Amerika and the Zionist entity, etc.. This man has had a very strange career, and I would encourage everyone interested to visit the following website:

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    palazzi is also the co-founder of the islam-israel fellowship as previously mentioned. he holds the position that the quran endorses zionist claims of a 'promised land' for the jews and that it is incumbent on muslims to accept the state of israel.

    it stated aims are peaceful co-existance with israel, and developing mutual respect and amicable relations between muslims and jews. but in practice it requires muslims to drop the idea of evicting a foreign occupier who has usurped muslim land.

    his ideas regarding allah's promise to the jews have been duly refuted on the following topic: http://forums.islamicawakening.com/showthread.php?t=864
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    as salaamu 'alaikum.

    Let us not forget that this person is Ashari / Maturidi in creed and he is a major propagandist of Asharites / Maturidis and their likes from Ahl Kalaam wal Bidah.

    Abu Turab Ali Rida
  5. gag order

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    asharis are arguably within the fold of islam palazzi however is not, he is most certainly a KAFIR!
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    he is a zionist fundamentalist!
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  8. Abu'l 'Eyse

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    Don Pallazi corleone, the gangster in the thobe
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    One of the most despicable shayateen, from Abdul-Yahood to Abd-Krishna.
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    Another one makes to the Palazzi hall of shame :

    He is Timothy J. Winters -- T J Winters -- who goes by the name Abdal Hakim Murad
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    What's with him? Has he left Islam?

    Sendt fra min GT-N7105 med Tapatalk2
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    As far as I know, he's a Zionist!

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