Who is Shah Ismail Shaheed?

Discussion in 'Islam in General' started by Salahadeen, Nov 4, 2008.

  1. Salahadeen

    Salahadeen Ahl at-Tawheed

    Who is Shah Ismail Shaheed?

    Is he considered by Deobandis to be one of their akabir?

    And what do Salafis consider him to be? And what about Ahle Hadees in particular?

    I am about to read his book Taqwiyat al-Iman, so just wanted to know this basic info.

    Fi Aman Allah
  2. Sharif

    Sharif Transient Traveler

    He (RA) was one of the greatest mujahideen of Indo-Pakistan and was among the most devout Ahl-al-Hadith. Maybe other brothers could add to his profile.

    I highly recommend his book.
  3. suhail

    suhail New Member

    He was a ahle hadith
  4. Salahadeen

    Salahadeen Ahl at-Tawheed

    Why is there praise of Ahmad Barelwi in the Dar as-Salam intro to the book?

    And do Deobandis also claim him?

    And what changes were made to his book by Salafis / Ahle Hadees ? (Deobandis claim that Salafis / Ahle-Hadees tampered with the book)
  5. IbnHashimBinUthman

    IbnHashimBinUthman New Member

    He was the Mujaddid and Mujahid of his time in his region.
    I recomend the book as I have read it, it talks mostly about strengthening the Iman by highlighting all the apparent and hidden types of shirk mentioned in Quran and authentic hadiths.
    Shaheed inshallah.
  6. IbnHashimBinUthman

    IbnHashimBinUthman New Member

    I also recomend the boook 'The Socio-Political thought of Sha Ismail WaliAllah', I forgot the auther but inshallah I'll post it.
  7. suhail

    suhail New Member

    Well he is basically considered one of the ahle-hadith. Also some of the scholars of Indian subcontinent criticize him for using some harsh language in his book (forgot the name may be "taqwiyatul Iman"). I may be wrong on the name.

    Deobandi's mostly i have seen say good about him but also go against him for his ahle-hadith stances. Anyways barelwis dont like him at all. May be there are some rare barelwis who praise him but i have never seen one.
  8. abu_ibrahim

    abu_ibrahim Wahabist

    You got the two mixed up. They are two different people. He is not the same "Barelwi" that the Mushrik's follow, they just happen to be from the same place in India.
  9. Salahadeen

    Salahadeen Ahl at-Tawheed

    OK Phew....that was mad confusing for me.
  10. safdl

    safdl New Member

    The deobandis will point out there are two versions of the book you mention. One tampered with by ahle hadith the other not (iv not seen either). I also read in one of M.Sarfraz Safdar Khans books that he was a hanafi..(Allah knows best) there was a quote attributed to him, in it, it said we follow the hanafi school and when there is no hadith or we find one better (not 100% sure about the one better) they use that.

    Rather a mujtahid imam than ahle hadith i think. The deobandis will be able to prove their lineage all the way back to Shah Walliullah R.A, the teachers of Maulana Qasim Nanotwi - Founder of Darul Uloom Deoband was taught through the Shah Walliullah lineage. All sanads of hadith pass through the Waliullah family.

    He cant be a deobandi because he was alive before darul uloom was established. Do they regard him as a leader and elder, absolutely.
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  11. cat-without-tail

    cat-without-tail New Member

    He was intianly a hanafi not deobandi,I guess deoband was not even formed at that time.But later changed to Ahle-hadith and wrote his famous book on issue of raful-yadiean(raising hands in prayers which had been one of core disagreement between hanafis and ahle-hadith in sub-continnet).For urdu understanding people here is a very nice speech of Allama ehsan elahi zaheer(rah) on him.


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