Who killed al-Hussein (ra)? From rafidah source

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    All ahadeeths and saying you find here are taken from rafidah books.

    Homeland of rafidah

    Rafidi priest Baqir Shareef al-Qureshi said: “Verily Kufa was the birth place of shia, and a homeland of the al-Alawe’een, and it has declared its loyalty to ahlul bait many times.
    (hayat Al-Hussein 3/12)

    He also said the seed of shia was sown in Kufa since the khilafat of Umar.
    (hayat Al-Hussein 3/13)

    What did Ali (ra) said regarding shias

    Nahjul Balagh
    Sermon 27

    O' you semblance of men, not men, your intelligence is that of children and your wit is that of the occupants of the curtained canopies (women kept in seclusion from the outside world). I wish I had not seen you nor known you. By Allah, this acquaintance has brought about shame and resulted in repentance. May Allah fight you! You have filled my heart with pus and loaded my bosom with rage. You made me drink mouthful of grief one after the other. You shattered my counsel by disobeying and leaving me so much so that Quraysh started saying that the son of Abi Talib is brave but does not know (tactics of) war. Allah bless them ! Is any one of them more fierce in war and more older in it than I am? I rose for it although yet within twenties, and here I am, have crossed over sixty, but one who is not obeyed can have no opinion.

    (This is also found in al-Kafi)

    Nahjul Balagh
    Sermon 70

    Now then, O ' people of Iraq! You are like the pregnant woman who, on completion of the period of pregnancy delivers a dead child and her husband is also dead and her period of widowhood is long while only remote relation inherits her. By Allah, I did not come to you of my own accord. I came to you by force of circumstances. I have come to know that you say `Ali speaks lie. May Allah fight you! Against whom do I speak lie? Whether against Allah? But I am the first to have believed in him. Whether against His Prophet? But I am the first who testified to him. Certainly not. By Allah it was a way of expression which you failed to appreciate, and you were not capable of it. Woe to you. I am giving out these measures of nice expression free of any cost. I wish there were vessels good enough to hold them.
    Certainly, you will understand it after some time. (Qur'an, 38:88)

    Nahjul Balagh
    Sermon 96

    By Allah in Whose power my life lies, these people (Mu`awiyah and his men) will overcome you not because they have a better right than you but because of their hastening towards the wrong with their leader and your slowness about my right (to be followed). People are afraid of the oppression of their rulers while I fear the oppression of my subjects.
    I called you for war but you did not come. I warned you but you did not listen. I called you secretly as well as openly, but you did not respond. I gave you sincere counsel, but you did not accept it. Are you present like the absent, and slaves like masters? I recite before you points of wisdom but you turn away from them, and I advise you with far reaching advice but you disperse away from it. I rouse you for jihad against the people of revolt but before I come to the end of my speech, I see you disperse like the sons of Saba. You return to your places and deceive one another by your counsel. I straighten you in the morning but you are back to me in the evening as curved as the back of a bow. The sraightener has become weary while those to be straightened have become incorrigible.

    O' those whose bodies are present but wits are absent, and whose wishes are scattered. Their rulers are on trial. Your leader obeys Allah but you disobeyed him while the leader of the people of Syria (ash-Sham) disobeys Allah but they obey him. By Allah, I wish Mu`awiyah exchanges with me like Dinars with Dirhams, so that he takes from me ten of you and gives me one from them.

    O' people of Kufah, I have experienced in you three things and two others: you are deaf in spite of having ears, dumb in spite of speaking, and blind in spite of having eyes. You are neither true supporters in combat nor dependable brothers in distress. Your hands may be soiled with earth. O' examples of those camels whose herdsman has disappeared, if they are collected together from one side they disperse from the other. By Allah, I see you in my imagination that if war becomes intense and action is in full swing you would run away from the son of Abi Talib like the woman who becomes naked in the front. I am certainly on clear guidance from my Lord (Allah) and on the path of my Prophet and I am on the right path which I adhere to regularly.

    Treachery of Rafidah forefathers towards al-Hasan (ra)

    A fanatic rafidi who is Edris Al-Hussein on the treachery of his forefathers said: “And Imam Hasan (as) was assassinated by element of his army.
    (Book - Hussein made me shia page 279) - شيعني الحسين ص279

    Al-Hasan said: By Allah I see Mu`awiyah better than these people, they pretend to be my partisans (Shia), they wanted to kill me, plundered and took my money....
    Source - 2/10 وهذا النص في آداب المنابر لحسن مغنية ص20

    Another rafidi who is Amir Mohd Kadhim al-Qazweni said: “Indeed the history proves to us that those who were with Al-Hasan (as), even though they were many, were treacherous and perfidious, and their number availed in nothing against his enemies. And their treachery and perfidiousness reached to an extent that they even wrote to Mu’awiya saying: “If you wish we will hand over Al-Hasan to you. And one of them stabbed Imam Al-Hasan (as) on his thigh till it reached his bone…
    Source - محاورة عقائدية ص122ـ123 . أيضاً ولاضرر يعود على المسلمين من تسليم الأمر الى معاوية .

    Treachery of Rafidah forefathers towards al-Hussein (ra)

    Rafidi Kadhim Hamad Al-Najafi said: “Many letters started coming to Imam Al-Hussein, and the last letter was from people of Kufa through Hani bin Hani Al-Sabe’3ee and Sa’ad bin Abdullah Al-Hanafi, so he opened and read it, there in it was written: In the name of Allah the most gracious the most merciful to Al-Hussein bin Ali from the shias of his father Amirul Muaminin, people are waiting for you and they see no leadership except yours so hasten, hasten.
    Source - عاشوراء ص 85 تظلم الزهراء ص141

    Rafidi Dr. Ahmed Al-Nafees: People of Kufa wrote to Al-Hussein that there is no leader over us, so come to us, may Allah gather us with you upon the truth….
    Source - على خطى الحسين ص94

    Rafidi ‘muhadhis’ Abbas Al-Qumi said: Letters started pouring from everywhere till its number reached 600 in a single day…untill the total no. of letters reached counted 12,000.
    Source - منتهى الآمال 1/430

    Rafidi Redha Hussein Sabah al-Husni said: “When Muslim set for Kufa, shia came to give their pledge till their number reached 18,000 and other narration through Al-Shabi their number reached 40,000.
    Source - الشيعة وعاشوراء ص167

    Rafidi sheikh Abbas Al-Qumi said: “Al-Mufid (top ranking rafidi scholar) and others said: People gave their pledge – i.e to Muslim bin Aqeel – till their numbers reached 18,000. So Muslim wrote letter to Al-Hussein about the pledge of 18,000 and asked him to come.
    منتهى الآمال 1/436

    In this book it says : 20,000 (twenty thousand) amongst people of Iraq given pledge to Hussein (ra), they betrayed him and deserted him and the pledge was still on their necks.

    Rafidi Mohd Kadhim al-Qazweni said: Ibn Ziyad entered Kufa, and send for the tribal leaders threatening them with amry from Al-Sham, and also enticing them, so they started deserting Muslim little by little until Muslim was left with none”
    Source - " فاجعة الطف ص7 وقريب منه ما في تظلم الزهراء ص149 وانظر سفير الحسين مسلم بن عقيل ص50 وما بعدها وانظر منه ص113

    Rafidi Kadhim Al-Esani al-Najafi said: The army that come out to fight Imam Hussein (as) 300,000, all where from inhabitants of kufa, there was non amongst them Shami, nor Hijaazi, nor Hindi, nor Pakistani, nor Sudani, nor Eyptian, nor African but all where from inhabitants of Kufa gathered from different tribes.
    Source - عاشوراء ص 89

    Al-Hussein said in one of his invocations upon shia: “O Allah if you give them enjoyment for a while..then disintegrate them into groups…and divide their path…and never ever accept from them leadership…for verily they called us for help…then they transgress upon us and killed us.”
    Source - كتاب الإرشـاد للمفيد صفحة241

    Al-Hussein (ra) also said: O Allah judge between us and those who called upon us to give us victory but killed us.
    Source - منتهى الآمال 1/535
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    Addressing of Zainal-Abedin (Ali bin al-Hussein bin Ali bin Abu Talib) (ra)

    Rafidah priest like Abu Mansoor al-Tabrasi and Ibn Taoos and Al-ameen and others narrated from Ali bin Al-Hussein bin Ali bin Abu Talib - well-know as Zain al-Abedin that he said in a scolding manner to the shias who betrayed his father and killed him: “O you people, I adjure you by Allah, do you know that you wrote to my father and then betrayed him, and you have given to him promise, bond and pledge? Then you killed him and let him down. So damn on you for what you have forwarded for yourself, and fie to your opinion, by which eye will you look at messenger, when he will say to: 'you killed my family, and encroached my prohibitions, so you are not amongst my ummah (nation).'

    So the women started weeping out loudly from every direction, and some of them said to others: You are doomed and while you know not. So he (as) said: May Allah shower his mercy upon the one who accepts my advise, and preserve my will in Allah and his ahlul bait, for verily we have in messenger of Allah a good example. So they all of them said: We all are listeners and the one who obeys, preservers of your will without been indifferent to you nor been wishful, so command us may Allah have mercy upon you, verily we are in war with whom you are in war with, and in peace with whom you have peace, we shall over take Yazid and disassociate with those who oppressed you and us. So he (as) said: how far how impossible, O you the treacherous, the deceivers, a barrier has been set between you and your desires, Do you want to come to me like how you came to my fathers before? By the Lord of the dancers never for how long. The wound didn’t heal yet, yesterday you killed my father and members of his hold with him, I shall never forget the loss of messenger’s (saw) children, and loss of my father’s children…..
    Source - الاحتجاج (2/32) وابن طاووس في الملهوف ص 92 والأمين في لواعج الأشجان ص 158 وعباس القمي في منتهى الآمال الجزء الأول ص 572، وحسين كوراني في رحاب كربلاء ص 183 وعبد الرزاق المقرم في مقتل الحسين ص 317 ومرتضى عياد في مقتل الحسين ص 87 وأعادها عباس القمي في نفس المهموم ص 360 وذكرها رضى القزويني في تظلم الزهراء ص 262.

    And when Imam Zain al-Abedin pass by, he saw people of kufa wailing and crying, so he reprimanded them saying: “You wail and cry for us, so who killed us?
    Source - لهوف ص 86 نفس المهموم 357 مقتل الحسين لمرتضى عياد ص 83 ط 4 عام 1996م تظلم الزهراء ص 257.

    And in another narration when he saw people of Kufa crying and wailing he said in low voice: “These people cry over us, so who killed us other than them?
    Source - الاحتجاج 2/29
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Adressing of Um-Kulthum (ra)

    And Um-Kulthum said: Hush O Ahlul Kufa, your men kill us and your women weep. The judge between us and you is Allah on the day of judgment.
    O Ahlul Kufa, shame on you, what is with you betrayed Al-Hussein and killed him, you plundered his possessions and inherited it, and you captivated his women, and caused him such disaster, so may you perish and may you be crushed, which sickness befall on you, and which burden have you taken upon your backs, and which blood you have shed….and which money you have plundered, you killed the best men after the prophet (saw), and mercy was taken away from your hearts”
    Source - اللهوف ص 91 نفس المهموم 363 مقتل الحسين للمقرم ص 316، لواعج الأشجان 157، مقتل الحسين لمرتضى عياد ص 86 تظلم الزهراء لرضي بن نبي القزويني ص 261

    Addressing of Zainab bint Ali (ra)

    And Zainab bint Ali (ra) said: You cry and wail?! Yes by Allah cry much and laugh a little, for indeed you have carried its shame and disgrace….
    Source - مع الحسين في نهضته ص 295 وما بعدها

    Also she said: Hush O Ahlul Kufa, your men kill us and your women weep on us. The judge between us and you is Allah on the day of judgment.
    Source - نقلها عباس القمي في نفس المهموم ص 365 وذكرها الشيخ رضى بن نبى القزويني في تظلم الزهراء ص 264.
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    Shimr was a shia, who killed Hussain (RA). This has authenticity from shia sources. Al-Qummi, author of the famous book “Mafaatihul-Jinaan”, writes in his book:

    “I say, Shimr was in the forces of Ameer al-Mu’mineen on the Day of Siffin.” (Al-Qummi, “Safinatun-Najaat”, vol.4, p. 492, Chapter Sheen Followed by Meem)
  4. al-Athari

    al-Athari <A HREF="showthread.php?t=70991"></A>

    May Allah reward you immensely, ameen.
  5. leo

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    A rafida upon hearing about Shimr being a shia, he tried to refute in these words:-

    shi'ism is a choice and manhaj and way of life. It's not something you inherit.
    If someone was shia and betrays the imam then his status as a shia IS LOST.

    And when he was asked:-

    How can a way of life or a belief known as shi'ism ( in your own words) turn so deviant, where the lost shias start killing Ahle bayt?

    He ran away without answering.
  6. umar bin khatab

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    “You wail and cry for us, so who killed us?"


    Hush O Ahlul Kufa, your men kill us and your women weep on us. The judge between us and you is Allah on the day of judgment.


    Yes by Allah cry much and laugh a little, for indeed you have carried its shame and disgrace….


    “O Allah if you give them enjoyment for a while..then disintegrate them into groups…and divide their path…and never ever accept from them leadership…for verily they called us for help…then they transgress upon us and killed us.”
  7. ahmedjbh

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    most of these saying refer to the sunnis who did nothing to help the Ahl Bayt during the oppression by the ummayids.

    Even to this day, they will not even raise a voice to their aid, instead they prefer to "remain silent" about yazid, and continue, even to this day to praise mu'awiya.
  8. umar bin khatab

    umar bin khatab Anti Majos

    Was it necessary for you to make comment?

    Byheart this phrase
    Better to remain silent and be thought a fool that to speak and remove all doubt.
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  9. Abu'l 'Eyse

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    Mu'awiyah(radiALLAHU 'anhu) was good enough for Imaam Hassan(radiALLAHU 'anhu) to give the bay'ah to to lead the ummah and be a symbol of unity, so if you can't praise him then what do you say about the choice of Imaam Hassan(radiALLAHU 'anhu)? Are you shi'ites that twisted?

    As for what has been reported and your attempts to twist it to being addressed to the Ummayyids, I guess that is the same for those who gave allegiance to Imaam Hussein(radiALLAHU 'anhu) and betrayed him?

    JazakumALLAHU khairan to all (brothers) like Leo and Umar for your good work in exposing the evil and disgusting practices of the rafidites!
  10. rebirth061

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    Brother, with their silence on Imam Hasan one would think that they harbor secret hatred towards him. See how they never praise him, when discussing the Prophet's family they only talk about Ali, Hussein and his descendants. Hasan is left out to Dry.

    If they love Hasan then it contradicts they complete hate on Muawiyah and they claim that he was against Islam.
  11. zaid_ibn_ali

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    Notice that when Hassan (RA) made a peace deal with Muawiyya (RA), that it was decided the Imamate be from Hussain's (RA) offspring instead. Sheer coincidence? I doubt it.

    Also, how many Hassani syeds are there amongst shia today? Its almost like they're ashamed to call themselves Hassani.
  12. Abu'l 'Eyse

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    subhanullah! I don't care if a person is a shi'i or 'sunni' how dare they have hatred for the one who was dear to our Rasul - 'alayhi as-salaam!
  13. ahmedjbh

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    Do you just talk rubbish all the time, or just on this forum?

    Al Hassani is one of the most common surnames in iraq, also can you actually bring any evidence that to back your statement up, or shall i just ignore it completely as garbage?
  14. zaid_ibn_ali

    zaid_ibn_ali Active Member

    I know its common amongst sunnis, shias I didnt think so. I may be wrong. And i'll admit it in bold caps:


    Unlike you i'll admit where i may err. Though the rest of my comments still stand re: shia and the lineage of Hassan (RA).

    What happended to his offspring? Why is it non existent in your shia literature?
  15. ahmedjbh

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    so why do you make statments if you have no reason to beleive them?


    I dont know what happened to the offspring of Imam Hasan AS. Some were killed at Kerbala, but I dont know about the rest. Its probably because they have no significance.
  16. i suggest you go listen to Yasir Qadhi's lecture series about the Mahdi at the end he refutes the Shiite Sect and gives a history lesson aswell
  17. leo

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    The reason we know because Hassan (RA) accepted peace treaty with Muawiya (RA). If rafida accept the stance of Hassan (RA), it automatically nullifies their so-called stance on karbala.
  18. ahmedjbh

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    If you read what Imam Hasan AS and your Imam Ibn taymiyah said about it, the truth should be clear.

    Imam Hasan AS wanted to fight on, but his followers let him down. Just like the followers of Imam Ali AS at the battle of siffin, they were tricked by the ummayid propaganda. The treaty he made with him was a temporary agreement, which mu'awiya then broke! what a character.

    You own scholar said it was a treaty based on malice.
  19. umar bin khatab

    umar bin khatab Anti Majos

    Your forefathers were ummayid? no man they were wahabies :D

    Which schoalars?
  20. leo

    leo Well-Known Member

    When it suits your interests, you start quoting sunni scholars to prove your false viewpoint. Being a 12er, you should have more faith in the sayings of ahle bayt regarding rafida:-

    Hassan (RA)

    By Allâh, I think Mu‘âwiyah would be better for me than these people who claim that they are my Shî‘ah.

    By Allâh, I handed over power to him for no reason other than the fact that I could not find any supporters. Had I found supporters I would have fought him day and night until Allâh decides between us. But I know the people of Kûfah. I have experience of them. The bad ones of them are no good to me. They have no loyalty, nor any integrity in word or deed. They are in disagreement. They claim that their hearts are with us, but their swords are drawn against us.

    Abû Mansûr at-Tabarsî, al-Ihtijâj vol. 2 p. 290-291 (Mu’assasat al-A‘lamî, Beirut 1989).

    Mûsâ al-Kâzim (may Allah be Pleased with him)

    If I had to truly distinguish my Shî‘ah I would find them nothing other than pretenders. If I had to put them to the test I would only find them to be apostates. If I were to scrutinise them I would be left with only one in a thousand. Were I to sift them thoroughly I would be left with only the handful that is truly mine. They have been sitting on cushions all along, saying: " We are the Shî‘ah of ‘Alî."

    al-Kulaynî, Rawdat al-Kâfî vol. 8 p. 288

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