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    Title: Why are we all in Debt?
    Date: Saturday 19th December 2009
    Time: 8:00 pm
    Al-Ansar Islamic Education Centre
    833-835 High Road
    Goodmayes IG3 8TD

    Includes screening of his documentary "Why Are We All in Debt?"

    All Brothers & Sisters Welcome

    Speaker: Tarek El-Diwany (Islamic Economist)

    Tarek El Diwany was born in London in 1963. He graduated in Accounting and Finance from Lancaster University in the United Kingdom in 1985. Tarek has worked as an interest rate derivatives dealer in the government bond market, and as head of Islamic finance for a major financial institution based in London. In 1997, he completed the first edition of The Problem With Interest, and in the same year launched www.islamic-finance.com, where he is now the Editor. In addition to his work as a writer, Tarek is a partner at Zest Advisory LLP, a London-based firm providing consulting services in Islamic banking and finance, and is a frequent speaker on the topic of Islamic banking at conferences throughout the world.
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    Why We Are All in Debt? [Website]


    Is boom and bust inevitable? Why does the value of money keep on falling? Why are we all in debt? Do we really have to live like this?

    We're a group of researchers who believe in the age-old prohibition of usury. In the Autumn of 2005, we produced a short documentary explaining that a banking crisis was waiting to happen. But the economy was roaring and the word "crisis" wasn't on anyone's lips. Economists asked us "Why are you talking about bank runs? These things don't happen anymore". Some politicians were more confident still. "This government has put an end to boom and bust" one of them told us.

    Then we had a bank run and the economy collapsed. Suddenly, the TV channels were full of documentaries on the banking system. Trouble is, their documentaries had orthodox bankers doing most of the talking. We thought to ourselves "Weren't these the guys who caused the problem? And now they're telling us how to put things right?".

    So here's our side of the story. And may the truth win, for everyone's sake.
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    This saturday!!!

    This should be a fascinating presentation. Islamic finance has been described as one of the miracles of Islam.
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