Why is ISIS backstabbing on the revolution in Syria? Are they working for Assad?

Discussion in 'Global Affairs' started by IslamRules, Sep 25, 2013.

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    FSA/Ahraar Al shaam captures a place from the Regime, ISIS enters the liberated place and they start problems with the mujahideen.
    What amazes me is how ISIS is already playing state card, they proclaimed Islamic state in iraq and levant! Such unwise proclaim when the jihad against assad still continues, subhanallah.
    They are very stubborn group, even giving headache to Zawahiri. Zawahiri was against the hasty decision of Abu Baghdadi(leader of Iraqi Alqead) to force Nusra Front to accept him as their amir. The result is that Nusra is now broken in two camps, the extremist camp joined alqeada, the other one rejected the arrogant decision of Abu Baghdadi.

    Is it possible that they are in secretly working with Assad against the mujahideen?
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    It is a bit more complicated than that akhee.

    The ISIS has clashed with local battalions affiliated with the FSA (loosely), and not with any of the Islamic brigades. What exactly happened in Azaz (the city in which the fire-fight broke out) is not clear but it is most likely related to the, overly tolerated, corruption of some local FSA battalions. In any case;

    1) We have no solid details over what happened and therefore we should not attempt to appraise the situation and/or factions.
    2) The clash has ended, a pact was signed, and the case was referred to an independent Islamic court.

    wa Allaahu 'Alaam
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    Hmm, they are'nt scavengers. Tthey did liberate Menegh and now Hama's base.
    The issue of state aside, Mujahideen won't be bitten from the same hole twice that lets topple Assad then think about Shariah. That shariah never comes as it happened in Libya.
    Differences aside, Nusrah was their investment. Baghdadi was the one who sent men under him to Syria. After that some differences occurred.
    This post is quite immature . Why do you have to open another thread to vent out your frustration. You were already given a reply in your previous thread which you have'nt answered to.
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    Lol its actually the opposite. Isis does the work while fsa film studios and cameras are running next to the front. Did you know the last effort in the attack on the alawiya in N syria there was 60 shuhadah from just one Isis branch? Not even mentioning injuries and other kataaib islamy /muhajireen.
    Rabbi accept them.

    What a load of trash.

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    ISIS will meet the same destiny as in Iraq and Somalia. The people will turn against them, because people do not want draconian rule. They want the real shariah, not one who stones people without 4 evidences, accuses falsely people of being rats and executing them, makes takfiir on anyone who disagrees with them.
    They better change their attitude because as i see Syrians are able to resist against dictatorial regimes. If they are already fighting against Nusayri enemy supported by Russia and Hezbushaytaan, then i dont think few 5K extremist group can pose a threat. The only losers will be ISIS. When Nusra sees how ISIS has been crushed, they will change their policy and adopt more Syria friendly agenda.
    For now ISIS is welcome, but wait when Nusayri regime is defeated.
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    so what will you do, postpone the 5 daily Salahs, and the Hudood of Shariah because people "dont want draconian laws" as you say? newsflash jack the majority of Muslims dont know what real Shariah is and they dont want to know either because the majority think with their bellies and dont want to be inconvenienced in any way.

    and how do you know they dont have 4 witnesses before stoning the adulterer or ample proof that somebody is a spy before executing them unless you have first hand knowledge and is living in Syria.Hearsay and Munafiq media reports do not count.

    By the way from your anti Islamist tirade I suspect that you are Dawud Beal/Abu Fatimah posting under a new nickname.Ill give you the benefit of the doubt however I'm rarely wrong.If so then you should concern yourself with how the MB/Morsi supporters in Egypt who relinquished the rights of Qisas and Qital to the extent that even the lowly drug addicts and homosexuals of Cairo are attacking and killing them openly.

    Like it or not it is groups like ISIS and JAN that scored the greatest victories and inflicted the most damage on Bashar's forces while the secularist elements of the FSA were busy singing patriotic songs and staging demonstrations, while their leaders were being flown around the capitals of Europe begging for handouts.
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    I had the same gut reaction when reading this guys posts. Same twisted understanding, same twisted threats and 'solutions' to the complex issues over there.
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    You already got your answer in post no. 2. Why are you ignoring that and still posting?

    I think this thread should be closed because OP was asking a question and that question has been answered and so the purpose of this thread has been fulfilled.
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    Read this post of yours

    How mean of you to say something like that. You will turn your back from people who helped you in the time of difficulty? Before you accuse someone of backstabbing try to correct your own self.
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    Brothers all iam saying is that if Alqeada deals the Syrians in unjustly manner then the Syrians will curse them and invoke Allah swt to destroy the transgressors.
    Nusra Front should learn from the failures of Iraqi Alqeada and Alshabaab. Actually iam happy that the leader of Nusra rejected to unite with Alqeada, hopefully they will keep their jihad in Syria alone while also respecting the rights of minority groups. These groups(alshabaab, iraqi alqeada) are killing innocent iraqis and somalis, the people turned against them. It doesnt mean the people loves the corrupted regimes, it only means that Iraqi Alqeada and alshabaab are more barbaric and cruel.

    Syria seems to be heading in the direction of Iraq and Somalia. People in Raqqa and northern regions where ISIS rules are already protesting against them.
    It reminds me of alshabaab in Galgaduud, the shabaab called residents of Guri'el town polytheists. In anger, the population of Guri'el and dhusomareb turned their weapons against the transgressors. And Allah swt does not love those who trangress, al mujrimeen.

    Iam always praying for the mujahideen Liwa Tawhiid and Ahraar Al Sham. May Allah make them a mercy for the Syrian Nation and not a curse.

    Allah SWT says: So by mercy from Allah , [O Muhammad], you were lenient with them. And if you had been rude [in speech] and harsh in heart, they would have disbanded from about you. So pardon them and ask forgiveness for them and consult them in the matter. And when you have decided, then rely upon Allah. Indeed, Allah loves those who rely [upon Him].
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    ISIS should go back to where they came from after Assad is finished. I believe the destiny of Syria must stay in the hands of Syrian Mujahideen after Assad's regime is destroyed. Syria should be a islamic republic state which respects/protects the rights of minority groups like syrian christians, alawis, shias, druzes.
    It is illogical to take commands from iraqi alqeada commander. Let him go to Iraq and fight the safavids.
    Let the saudi mujahideen go to their country and fight the traitor abdullah.

    A syria under ISIS is very dangerous place for muslims to live, let alone non-muslims. It will be prison.
  14. Salih Al-Bosni

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    The aboves just not worth time. Though ISis do have their mistakes but 99% of everything all claimed against ISis are lies backed by ignorance by both insiders and outsiders (of syria). The outsiders havent got a clue and the insiders are on record and repeat. I heard so & so did such and such. But no one was there and a witness to anything. Few months ago ISis lattakias branch leader (iraqi) shot a Fsa leader in turkman and all the jahileen jumped at muhajireen creating months of fitna,fiten. The five Ws . Who what where when why is on the side, No one cares. Gosh darn muhajir killed a syrian hes at fault. There are no valid reasons and excuses no matter what.
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    As if your rant is gonna be listened to, let alone taken seriously. With all due respects, you do understand you're a nobody talking on a forum whose words mean nothing in geopolitical world ? You're not doing something useful I believe.
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    Deffo Abu Fatimah

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    That guy was such a snake.
  18. Ibn Fulaan

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    Careful we are not backbiting.

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    Here is the press statement by the ISIS on the incident;

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    I've never made dua against a forum member, but if you OP are Dawud Beal aka the braindead ignorant pessimist and backbiting slanderer Abu Fatima masquerading as a new member to continue your rubbish rhetoric, may Allah hasten destruction on you in this dunya and the next.

    Then again OP I could be mistaken and you could just be a run-of-the-mill fool. It's not like there is a shortage of fools in this world.
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