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    “Why is that when politicians take power they lose their humanity? History will judge both Tony Blair and George Bush by their words. I hope they will find some humanity to release Omar from Guantanamo Bay.”
    (Abu Bakr Deghayes, brother of Guantanamo detainee, Omar Deghayes)

    Urgent Medical Treatment Required by Ex-Guantanamo Detainee</p>

    Rasul Kudayev was arrested by US forces in Afghanistan. The US forces opened fire on a truck of prisoners, killing many of them. Rasul was fortunate to survive but sustained a serious injury to his hip. To this day, the bullet remains in Rasul's hip. Throughout his time in detention, both at Kandahar and eventually in Guantanamo, Rasul was denied medical treatment, despite the US forces knowing well that he was injured. Like countless other detainees, he was also tortured.</p>

    Rasul was released from Guantanamo after three years, in February 2004 but was detained again in Russia for some months. Since his release, he has been unable to get treatment in Russia for his wound. Russian policy states that an individual is required to possess a Russian passport before being allowed medical treatment. Rasul has tried unsuccessfuly to obtain a passport on numerous occasions as the Russian authorities are continuously investigating him for various alleged 'offences'. Reprieve are trying to get him legal assistance in Russia to fight this case.</p>

    Rasul is now bedridden and cannot even get up without assistance. He is very young (in his 20's) and should be the breadwinner for his family. However, due to his injury, his elderly mother has to go out to work in his stead.</p>

    The only way in which Rasul's health can be restored is via private medical treatment, in order to have the bullet removed. However, the cost of this is extremely high and his health is rapidly deteriorating.</p>

    Cageprisoners requests concerned individuals to donate to Rasul's medical fund. We particularly encourage Muslims to take the opportunity in the coming weeks of Ramadhan to gain the reward of sadaqa (charity) by contributing generously to assist a former detainee.</p>

    Click here to donate</p>

    Interview with Phil Shiner of Public Interest Lawyers</p>

    Interview with Phil Shiner</p>

    &quot;It is the most tragic case I have ever had to deal with...&quot;

    Phil Shiner has developed the practice to attract top ranking lawyers in the areas of human rights and administrative and public law through acting for Gurkha soldiers facing discrimination in the British army and in relation to the conduct of British troops in post-occupation Iraq. He has dealt with international law issues through, for example, representing CND in a judicial review challenging the Government's decision to go to war and instructing barristers on the legality of the Mutual Defence Agreement between the US and UK. Cageprisoners spoke to him about his British clients detained in Iraq, the abuse of Iraqis by British troops and the legality of the war.</p>


    Public Meeting: UK Government Response to 7/7
    29-09-05, Carrs Lane Church Centre, Birmingham
    Public meeting to discuss the government’s response to the London bombings and its impact on our civil liberties</p>

    HHugs Special on 'The Agenda' - Islam Channel
    30-09-05, Islam Channel, 9:30am-11am
    Representatives of Hhugs (Helping Households Under Great Stress), the charity and support group established to help the families of British detainees, will be speaking on 'The Agenda', on Islam Channel - 836.</p>


    Alert Update: Aljazeera's Taysir Alouni Sentenced to Seven Years Imprisonment
    Al Jazeera reporter Taysir Alouni was today sentenced to seven years imprisonment. Although acquitted of being a member of al-Qaeda, Taysir was convicted for allegedly collaborating with al-Qaeda. The arrest, detention, and conviction of Taysir are clear signs of the witch-hunt taking place against Muslims today whereby even journalists are punished for simply doing their job.</p>

    Mohammad Harkat Bail Hearing - Donations Needed
    We need local supporters and friends to support Moe's conditions by signing bonds, sureties and affidavits. We also need help raising $50 000 that will be needed for bail and legal expenses</p>

    Legal Issues</p>

    Captured by Guant&aacute;namo
    by Harold Hongju Koh
    The detention without trial of Haitian refugees at the United States base in Guant&aacute;namo prefigures the “war on terror” by a decade. The Yale University law professor Harold Hongju Koh tells the story of his own immersion in the territory, and assesses its impact on the rule of law in America. </p>

    Guant&aacute;namo: Land Without Law
    by Brandt Goldstein
    In the early 1990s, a campaign by Yale University law students – going all the way to the Supreme Court – helped free 300 Haitian refugees held without trial at Guant&aacute;namo. A classmate of those students tells an extraordinary story from the prehistory of the “war on terror”. </p>


    Video: Brother of a Bahraini Guantanamo Detainee
    Amnesty International.

    Report: Leadership Failure - Firsthand Accounts of Torture of Iraqi Detainees by the U.S. Army
    by Human Rights Watch

    Report: Burying the Truth - Uzbekistan Rewrites the Story of the Andijan Massacre
    by Human Rights Watch

    Former Voice of the Taliban Relives His Years of Detention
    by Carlotta Gal
    It has been a long journey for Abdul Salam Zaeef, the former Taliban envoy who became one of the most visible faces of Afghanistan's Islamic government after the Sept. 11 attacks, holding daily news conferences at which he defended the Taliban's determination to fight rather than give up Osama bin Laden. </p>

    One Prisoner's Story
    by James Rupert
    When Dr. Mohammed Ali Shah came home from exile, a convoy of well-wishers met him on the mountain road from Kabul and draped flower garlands around his neck. They flocked to greet the son of one of Gardez's most prominent families, and celebrate the fact that professionals and entrepreneurs were returning to rebuild this disheveled, dusty town after 25 years of war. </p>

    Malaysia: ISA Detainees Beaten and Humiliated
    by Human Rights Watch
    &quot;Those held under the ISA are defined as a group that has virtually no rights, so it is hardly surprising that prison guards treat them as less than human.&quot;

    “We Don’t Need No Thought Control”
    by Fahad Ansari
    And this is the new phase of neo-McCarthyism or McBlairism we have now entered in Britain. Until now, it was Muslim students who expected to be suspended for speaking the truth. </p>

    Mohammad Mahjoub Ends Hunger Strike
    by Campaign to Stop Secret Trials in Canada
    &quot;I thank every individual, starting from my wife, Mona, my kids, my lawyers, my support committee in Toronto, and every individual for their support and their sympathy. I ask Allah to reward them all and to make them soft in their hearts towards one another.&quot;

    New Accounts of Torture by U.S. Troops
    by Human Rights Watch
    U.S. Army troops subjected Iraqi detainees to severe beatings and other torture at a base in central Iraq from 2003 through 2004, often under orders or with the approval of superior officers, according to accounts from soldiers released by Human Rights Watch today. </p>

    Canadian Government Defends Intelligence Extracted Through Torture
    by Keith Jones
    The Canadian government told a public inquiry last week that barring Canadian security forces from acting on information obtained through torture would place Canadian lives at unwarranted risk.</p>

    British Government Announces New Attacks on Civil Liberties
    by Robert Stevens
    On September 15, Home Secretary Charles Clarke announced details of the proposed draft Terrorism Bill that represents a fundamental attack on democratic rights and civil liberties. The government plans to push the bill through Parliament as soon as Christmas. </p>

    This is an Act of Censorship Worthy of Joseph Goebbels
    by Simon Jenkins
    The plan to draw up a list of historical events that people can be prosecuted for celebrating is a sign of a leader losing his grip </p>

    This Attack on Free Speech Will Fuel Muslim Hostility
    by Salim Lone
    If Britain's proposed laws on inciting terrorism were applied fairly, those who incite wars of aggression would also be in the dock </p>

    Suspicious Behaviour on the Tube
    by David Mery
    This Reuters story was written while the police were detaining me in Southwark tube station and the bomb squad was checking my rucksack. When they were through, the two explosive specialists walked out of the tube station smiling and commenting: &quot;Nice laptop.&quot; The officers offered apologies on behalf of the Metropolitan police. Then they arrested me. </p>

    [More Articles at Cageprisoners.com] </p>



    Hicks Trial Set For November 18</p>

    How Ashes Triumph Could Save The 'Last Brit' in Guantanamo</p>

    Guant&aacute;namo Inmate Says US Told Him To Spy on al-Jazeera</p>

    Judge Rejects Argument That He Is Interfering With President's Authority</p>

    121 Guantanamo Detainees to be Released to Saudi Authorities</p>

    Detainees' Lawyer Seeks Hearing on Guantanamo Hunger Strike</p>

    UK </p>

    Terror Suspect 'Absconded Before'</p>

    Lords To Decide on Allowing Evidence Extracted By Torture</p>

    Clarke Defends Terror Plans</p>

    Students Meet To Defend Banned Union Leader</p>

    Saudis Link £40bn Arms Deal To Call To Expel Dissidents</p>

    Suspect Jailed For 15 Years Over Terror 'Plot'</p>

    Police Blunder After 9/11 'Destroyed Pilot's Career'</p>

    EU Torture Watchdog Warns Against Terror Deportations</p>


    Lawyers Fear Unfair Trial</p>

    Australia Agrees New Terror Laws</p>


    US Soldier Guilty of Prison Abuse</p>

    New Reports Surface About Detainee Abuse</p>


    Spain's 9/11 Trial Condemned as a Failure</p>

    Spain Jails Al-Jazeera Reporter</p>


    ISA Detainees Beaten and Humiliated</p>

    Malaysia Extends Detention of Nine Terror Suspects for 2 More Years</p>


    Navy Secretly Contracted Jets Used by CIA</p>

    Somali 'al-Qaeda Leader' Arrested</p>

    New Indictment Comes in Calif. Terror Case</p>

    2 More Charged in Prisoner Abuse Inquiry</p>

    [More News on the War on Terror at Cageprisoners.com]</p>

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