Breaking News! Zardari At Taghut : "India was never a threat to Pakistan. Kashmiri Militants are Terrorists"

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    Oct. 5: Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari has said that India has never been a threat to Pakistan and his government is not scared of India’s global influence.

    "India has never been a threat to Pakistan. I, for one, and our democratic government is not scared of Indian influence abroad. I am an advocate of a broader free trade agreement with India," Mr Zardari said.

    In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Mr Zardari spoke of the militant groups operating in Jammu and Kashmir as "terrorists" and said he had no objection to the India-US nuclear cooperation pact so long as Pakistan is treated "at par".

    "Why would we begrudge the largest democracy in the world getting friendly with one of the oldest democracies in the world," Mr Zardari said.
    The President asked the international community to give Pakistan $100 billion in grant to stave off the dual threats which undermine the very survival of the country.

    "I need your help, if we fall, if we can’t do it, you can’t do it either," he said citing the threats by militants on Pakistan’s border and the imminent economic meltdown.

    On his request for a $100 billion grant, the paper said Mr Zardari "has a simple and powerful argument to make that the world can not allow his government to fail — not when it’s becoming increasingly plausible that Pakistan itself, could be toppled by Al Qaeda and its allies."

    The paper said Mr Zardari is keen to insist that grant should not be described as aid. "I’m looking for temporary relief for my budgetary support and cash for my treasury which does not need to be spent by me. It is not something I want to spend. But it will stop the outflow of my capital every time there is a bomb blast. In this situation, how do I create capital confidence, how do I create businessmen’s confidence?" the paper quoted Mr Zardari as saying.
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    Even Musharraf wasn't as bad as this guy. If Zardari keeps up with this kind of rhetoric I wonder how long it will take for the military and the ISI to chase him back to Dubai.
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    kissing a pig in public what could be lower?

    this is not surprising at all since I saw him meeting “palin the pig” and actually kissed it’ I expect we have not even seen him go the lowest yet but “ the president asked for 100 billion’ well that says it all. Hardly surprised’ as the brother rightly said if you’re not a part of the solution you must be a part of the problem.
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    Thats why the first thing he did was replace 4 of the military's highest commanders along with the chief of the ISI.

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